【Video】Amuka Introduces Ming Chuan University

Four years ago, a shy but courageous, nomad girl of Mongolia left for an adventure to a tropical paradise on the other side of the world, Taiwan–La Isla Formosa. Looking back, I never would have realized that I would have changed so much throughout this journey. Now that I’m in my fourth year at university here, I am often reminded of the very precious memories when I just started.

Yet, it’s not an easy task to study and live abroad. Those who are miles away from there home country, let me give you a big applause. You are so brave!

Every time you explore a different place, you discover a different you within yourself. I’m also on my life journey discovering a different me. I welcome you to share in my sweet and bitter moments of the life in Taiwan as a student.

My first blog will be tour around my campus at Ming Chuan University. Maybe it might help those students who are thinking about coming to study in Taiwan. I hope you enjoy my video!

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