【Student】A Not so Mundane Commute: Welcome to my blog!

I write this as I’m about to board a train; a train filled with people who, like you and me, are just beginning a new day. I look at their faces, listen to their conversations and realize the deeper meaning of this normal routine that I have overlooked. Another page is unknowingly being added to […]

【Student】Anthropology, Love, and Taiwan

Hello, I’m Tuukka (凃克), born in Finland and currently learning Chinese in Taichung, central Taiwan. In the following months, I along with my fellow ambassadors will be telling you about our experiences of living, studying, and working in Taiwan. I hope that our stories will give you a realistic picture about life here and serve […]

【Story】The Bridge of the East and the West: The Great Advantage of Higher Education in Taiwan

“Many students may think that the best thing to study in Taiwan is the liberal and friendly social atmosphere, but I think it should be more than this.” Frank Ying (印永翔), the former director of office of international affairs, National Taiwan Normal University, has profound opinion on Taiwan’s position in the international cooperation of higher […]

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