Why Learning Chinese in Taiwan?

Taiwan has more than half of the century long history of teaching Chinese. According to the statistics from department of education, there’s at least 18 thousand foreigners come to Taiwan for learning Chinese. Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan’s interview with Hsiang-Hua Chou, director of Chinese Language Center, Tamkang University clearly addresses […]

【Story】The Innovation of Higher Education International Cooperation: to See the World through Student Exchange Life

When it comes to higher education international cooperation, besides formal bilateral cooperation and the memorandum of cooperation, the most familiar system is student exchange. According to the statistics from ministry of education, there are more than 15000 foreign students come to Taiwan via student exchange in 5 years. They spend half to one year taking […]

【Video】Amuka Introduces Ming Chuan University

Four years ago, a shy but courageous, nomad girl of Mongolia left for an adventure to a tropical paradise on the other side of the world, Taiwan–La Isla Formosa. Looking back, I never would have realized that I would have changed so much throughout this journey. Now that I’m in my fourth year at university […]

【Video】Five Most Frequently Asked Questions from Vietnamese Students

  Hi everyone ~ I’m Nicholas Pham, a Vietnamese student who studying in Taipei, Taiwan. As a Vietnamese Student Ambassador in ‘Study in Taiwan’, I’m doing a series of blog to show you guys about my student life in Taiwan. And this is my first blog! This vlog will answer “5 most frequently asked questions” […]

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