【Student】A Not so Mundane Commute: Welcome to my blog!

I write this as I’m about to board a train; a train filled with people who, like you and me, are just beginning a new day. I look at their faces, listen to their conversations and realize the deeper meaning of this normal routine that I have overlooked. Another page is unknowingly being added to the lives of the people on this commute.

To some, this page could be one of those mundane ones we read in novels that are sooner or later forgotten. To others, this page may signal the beginning of a new chapter, a climax, a cliffhanger, or a resolution.  Imagine the stories that have been written through living, yours and mine included.

My name is Bernise and my upcoming blog entries will explore studying and living abroad in Taiwan from a different perspective. This perspective takes into special consideration the emotional highs, lows and plateaus that come with growing up in a foreign country and culture, as well as life lessons that I have learned. This isn’t a first for me as an island girl from the Caribbean who moved to the US at the ripe, impressionable age of seventeen. At the same time, it might as well be my first as I had to start the whole process over in a country that wasn’t even on my radar to begin with. Life’s funny that way.

I look forward to taking you through the pages of this chapter of my life in Taiwan. I aim to use my experiences as a way to help emotionally and mentally prepare others for what living and studying abroad in Taiwan can bring you.


Here’s my stop. Time to grab some breakfast.

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