8 Criteria When Considering Where to Study

Author: Luis Valenzuela  │ National Taiwan Ocean University I came to Taiwan around five years already and with property I can say the island has made me great and helped me to achieve success in my career. Today I will let you know how everything started by the year of 2009. I was about to […]

The Dual Degree Makes Students More Competitive

The number of students who come to Taiwan to pursue dual degree programs have increased in recent years. The program allows students to complete the requirements of their home and host institutions within two to five years. Unlike regular student exchange programs, the dual degree track requires more time and effort, yet it undoubtedly provides […]

【Story】The Innovation of Higher Education International Cooperation: to See the World through Student Exchange Life

When it comes to higher education international cooperation, besides formal bilateral cooperation and the memorandum of cooperation, the most familiar system is student exchange. According to the statistics from ministry of education, there are more than 15000 foreign students come to Taiwan via student exchange in 5 years. They spend half to one year taking […]

【Story】The Bridge of the East and the West: The Great Advantage of Higher Education in Taiwan

“Many students may think that the best thing to study in Taiwan is the liberal and friendly social atmosphere, but I think it should be more than this.” Frank Ying (印永翔), the former director of office of international affairs, National Taiwan Normal University, has profound opinion on Taiwan’s position in the international cooperation of higher […]

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