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National Taiwan Normal University
Anna-Marie Milerska

Anna-Marie Milerska

Czech Republic

Business Administration

Q: Why did you want to study abroad and choose Taiwan as your study destination?

I was a Rotary Youth exchange program participant in Taipei in 2009-2010. I wanted to live somewhere far away where the culture is different from where I come from. So after that I wanted to come back to Taiwan to study University here.

Q: Why did you choose this particular institution?

Because the websites were written in great English, I liked the location of the school, the long tradition behind the School's name and I was very satisfied with the studies I undertook in NTNU language center.

Q: What are the most satisfying things about your university?

As I mentioned earlier the location is great, I also like that my department's teachers are mainly young and have been studying abroad as well as I do so there is a very nice empathy going on. Another thing which is great is that NTNU is super multicultural due to the location of the MTC in the same campus as the University.

Q: What would you tell students before they move to Taiwan?

Be patient, be ready to work hard, and get ready to do some changes in your personality or the concept of yourself that you hold until now.

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