Tamkang University

TKU promotes an internationally-oriented education.

TKU offers an English-friendly Academic Environment and has over 199 sister universities in 34 countries and has established 30 dual degree programs with 19 renowned universities.

TKU is now home to more than 2,100 overseas degree students.

Not only does TKU provide scholarships for international students, but it also offers free Chinese language courses to help raise the capabilities of international students.

TKU’s alumni have spread the spirit of excellence throughout the world into every profession.

Speaking of the most preferred university graduates for employment, TKU has been ranked in 1st place amongst private universities and 6th place of all universities in the nation.

TKU initiated the Junior Youth Abroad Program in Taiwan.

TKU students – including international students – have the opportunity to undertake a year of study in another country.


University Tamkang University
Type of School Private University
Location New Taipei City
Students 20,000 & Above
(For Intl. Students)

Contact Person

Contact Person 楊鳳僊(Dolly Yang)
Tel (02)26296579/(02)26215656-2002/2003
Mail 144116@mail.tku.edu.tw
Website english.tku.edu.tw

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Basic Info

Founded in 1950, Tamkang University is an elite private university with an extensive history that includes 4 campuses, 8 colleges, 27,000 students and 2,100 professional members of the faculty.

Tamkang University continually pursues excellence and innovation. It is the first university in Taiwan to carry out a Total Quality Management Plan, which emphasizes advancement of the quality of academics, research, administration and services. The successful implementation of this objective has been met with countless awards, praise and recognition from every field in Taiwan.

Tamkang University has promoted the concept of the Triple Objective Education: an Internationally-oriented, Information-oriented and Future-oriented education system. We built complete English-taught Lanyang Campus and have 12 English-taught degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students in addition to 800 English-taught courses. TKU was honored with the Exceptional Quality International Programs Award and recognized as a model university for international education.


Tamkang University emphasizes the development of the unique characteristics pertaining to each college and department. Each Department of the College of Engineering offers IEET Certification; the College of Business and Management is the largest in all of Taiwan; the Department of Accounting is the only program in all of Taiwan to offer a Certified Practicing Accountant Australia license; the Department of Accounting has been ranked in the top 200 of QS World University Rankings; the College of Foreign Languages and Literature offers 6 languages for study; and the College of International Affairs possesses the most complete area studies programs.

TKU maintains a very comprehensive environment for research with 13 research centers, 4 of which are highly recognized: the research team of the Wind Engineering Research Center is one of the leading academic research teams in Taiwan; the research team of the Center for Water Resources Management and Policy Research remarkably participates in the formulation of the nation’s policies related to water resources and management; the research team of the Intelligent Automation and Robotics Center has won the FIRA (Federation of International Robo-Soccer Association) championship every year since 2006; and the Center for Murakami Haruki Studies in Tamkang University receives praise both nationally and internationally.


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Scholarship Title Background
Financial Aid Scholarship for International Students (MA) MA
Financial Aid Scholarship for International Students (PHD) PHD
TKU Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding Overseas Students (BA) BA
TKU Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding Overseas Students (MA) MA
TKU Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding Overseas Students (PHD) PHD


The information is supported by Study in Taiwan.

Program Title Field of Study Level English
Department of International Tourism Management - Travel, tourism and leisure BA > 90%
Master’s Program in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific Studies - Political science and related disciplines
- Sociology and related disciplines
MA > 90%
Master's Program, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering - Computer use MA > 90%
Department of English Language and Culture - Foreign language and literature studies BA > 90%
Department of Global Politics and Economics - Economics
- Accounting and taxation
BA > 90%
Division of Global Commerce, Department of International Business - Management and administration
- Accounting and taxation
BA > 90%
Tku-QUT Dual Master Degree Program In Finance MA > 90%
Department of Diplomacy and International Relations - Political science and related disciplines BA > 90%
Master's Program in Business and Management - Management and administration MA > 90%
Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management - Management and administration
- Accounting and taxation
BA > 90%
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